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Hello people ๐Ÿ˜€ and today my editing had improved and got better soย i guess that mean i will try my best to rebuild this site to give u more head recolored/made/edited and it might take a month or weeks for me to post but promise that im gonna post for you guys ๐Ÿ˜‰ . See ya in the next post

We backed!

Hey guys !:)

im reaaaallly sorry for not posting (i always say im gonna post but i be busy and im really sorry for that)

but tomorrow im gonna post my old edits and start making new edits and i promise that i will try my best to post

i dont know when i will post it but i will do ! And we will be back posting more and our back will be tomorrow so be ready .

lezay,kamesa,lesabith – thank you-


Fashion page!!

So we added a new page named fashion world every week we add a new fashion around the world with the city that found it

every week check this page (we wont delete the old ones) and we are gonna tell you about the next fashion next year !!

Lezay -(the gfx im gonna send it after hour i just need to get recolor some boys head .


Hey guys so i did to many gfx these months and today i did a little bit of bodies edits and heads and cant wait to post it but my computer is lagging xuz i download many graphic things and uploaded many of videos that help me , and im gonna try to use it so much for my graphic and hope you injoy it .

and i started to learn how to make blinking eyes !!! Hope i do it right …

and im always watching youtube and uploading it for you so if i got it wrong just tell to fix it i like these people that judje in the little little things even if it was the best thing so please dont be shy and tell what should i do that could help me and you to learn more and care more and if you want me to recolor the head or the body this make me so happy that i help you and do what you want (this website is like your home you just say and ask and we do it !), even the hard edits and easy edits .

for comments : if we didnt answer it we are so sorryyyyy sometimes we be so much busy but we want to answer yours comments so we are gonna start answering it from this day and we are sorry for the old comments that we could not answer (hope this post answer you comments , cuz some of it about recoloring and editing etc….

and for old post i am very sorry but this time im gonna posttttttt maaaany but not in the same time so i dont be a spammer from tomorrow i gonna post them ok? Im not joking or lieing or gonna forget !.

and for pages im gonna update from tomorrow to ๐Ÿ™‚ so check it out tomorrow and i might add more pages :/

(tip:for tomorrow post im gonna send boys and girls [heads and bodies] and some shields )

and for last thanks you guys for 85000 very much from all cities .

(cuz we see many of people from world we are gonna put poll for what language we use (we are gonna make page for it but the main is america language . Should we do ? Comment below

Dr.T.acanary – kamesa -lezay -mai

chose the gfx

ุจุฏูˆู† ุนู†ูˆุงู†should i made it for girl or boy or both ,vote in the poll !! i will work in it on thursday so vote (the hair , and i will fix it )