chose the gfx

بدون عنوانshould i made it for girl or boy or both ,vote in the poll !! i will work in it on thursday so vote (the hair , and i will fix it )

Merry Christmas!!

People say why we dont send any post?

Ok the answer is we are busy in real life we want to post for you end everybody but we must to work in real to.

i asked some of our members so they answer me :

ice said she have reviews and final exams , but she can celebrate with us .

aca said she is working with her family .

and yah im lezay . me and kamesa are in trip with family so i leave my computer kamesa to xD

i didnt ask others cuz its christmas

dont forget the party in my house :/ ask ice or aca to give you my name cuz i dont use lezay

i give free gifts , if you come you must stay tell i finish what i wanna say

if you want 2 gifts you must stay tell i finish what i want to say , and join our events , if you leave before we finish you get only one gift

tomorrow i will do decor and everything

dont make me alone :c byd-lezay 2013


Vote please :(


2 you can see up


Hello ,, im just saying the sexy51k will be getted in this post joke joke! But we can do it cuz you with us XD

The pages that we update it and new pages

the pages we update it :

gfx friend page has been restarted open only 3 sites still there cuz they write in comment , 50k+ Make them watch your website in gfx friend just put your gfx site in page and make many many people watch you dont say lie , try by yourself , or put your friend site or a site deserve to be putted what your waiting !! lets add your site in gfx friends and we will visit it me to :”)

About us page has added other people watch it !!! Fast fast !!! 

“Members information they wrote by them self”

NEW PAGE Is nothing sorry :”( i dont have ideas .




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